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A combination between tomboy and bro. A girl that is really attractive but is down to earth. She can be "one of the guys" while maintaining feminine qualities. Will drink a beer, participate in sexual conversations, and will never read into to anything.
Guy 1: Who invited the chick to guys game night??
Guy 2: Oh don't worry dude, she's cool.

Guy 1: But she is a girl...and HOT.

Guy 2: Ya man, but she's like a tombro, she's got a sick poker face.
by MysticFire November 20, 2011
A badass tomboy who calls everyone bro and dude all the time, replaces yes with yeah, and occasionally talks like a valley girl.
Dude 1: "Dude did she just call you a bro?"
Dude 2: "Yeah she's a real Tombro.
by Kawaiikitsune August 22, 2014

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