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A derogatory term that MS-13 use to call bloods.
Tomatoe homes! Bddat homes! La mara homes!!
by Nobody87 November 05, 2010
4 6
Someone who is technically not a vegetable, but who seems to be just like one.
1. C'mon, get off your deep-fried thighs and help me move this, you fat tomato!
by anothermoron February 05, 2008
7 11
something plump and juicy
often found in slices on your hamburger

somehow derogative
Your mom's a tomato...
by derptastical123 June 20, 2010
2 7
A noob at games. Someone that thinks their 1337, but gets nailed everytime but the 5yo from down the block.
Tomatoes: Im 1337 at sniping at BF2
5yo: Hahaha I just pwnd you!!!!111!
by Squazel September 23, 2006
4 10
A slang word for harder when having sex; opposite of lettuce.
Ben and Sam were having sex.
Ben: oh baby
by Jennbabycakess May 24, 2009
5 12
Crazy; Beyond Salvation due to smoking too much grass and kicking too much ass.
He's gone tomatoes on us.
by farley March 03, 2003
8 15
a word comonly mispronounced in the us the correct and british pronunciation is tom-a-to but the incorrect and american pronunciation is tom-a-to also like aluminium except you can spell the diference americans wrongly say alw-ma-nw-ma-nwm but the correct as ever british or like me welsh would say alu-mini-um
Americans like to torture perfectly good languages and tomato lovers
by purplechoc72 March 16, 2010
4 16