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A vegetable. A very nasty vegetable. It ain't a fruit. If it were, they'd put it in a FRUIT salad, not with the lettuce. Don't believe all the hype!
Jane: I'm hungry.
John: Have some fruit. (Holds out a tomato)
Jane: I don't see any.
by WomanofMassDestruction October 14, 2007
14 28
Slang for a woman's breasts as used in the edited version of the movie Anchorman.
"Champ, are you trying to touch my tomato?"
by Jason Haas February 12, 2006
8 25
calling some one out, calling them an idiot, or a buster
man, what the fuck are you doing here tomato?!
by Atlas November 26, 2004
8 27
A person who either
A) gets really angry
B) laughs to hard
c) gets REALLY drunk

and turns red..
Your ass is as red as MY face.
by anonymous December 03, 2004
9 34
a fruit-vegetable like thing that is totally and utterly disgusting. has no use or value in life.
If I eat a tomato, I will gag.
by Roicki January 13, 2007
7 33
(n) see: Katherine E.
Call tomato, she owes me brownies.
by Katherine July 02, 2004
6 51