the act of manipulation, religious force feeding, and or impregnated and left to be a single parent.

Hey Jennifer!
I heard Kevin Tom Cruised you real, real bad.
Oh well, go change my car oil you cunt
When you are excessively excited. This can be for anything - a new love, a movie premiere, marrying a woman who could be your granddaughter, a fake religion, etc.
"I want to take a nap before the concert, but I'm just too Tom Cruised for it."
by feralwinky February 05, 2010
When a "friend" of yours does everything in their power to make you look like an absolute tool in front of a good looking woman and in the process make themselves look like"Tom Cruise".
"Hey man did you hook up with that bird the other night?"
"No dude, Wayno totally Tom Cruise'd me with his comment about my rash!"
by elstevolondon January 12, 2010
When a person puts his or her face between a females legs and power licks their lovers vagina at full force. Almost as powerful as Tom Cruises role in Top Gun.
Ryan and Elizabeth were watching Interview with a Vampire and Ryan stated that Tom Cruise was in the movie but Elizabeth disagreed. Ryan wagered a bet that if Tom Cruise was in the movie he would be able to eat her pussy out. After finding out Tom Cruise was in the movie, Ryan Tom Cruised his girlfriend.
by captainbareback October 06, 2009

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