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South African slang word for penis.
Baby you look so lekker, my tollie is getting stiff!

Yes, it's true...Bernard has a small tollie.
by Serpent Tongue August 31, 2006
another word for a poo / jobby / turd.

a term first coined by an inspiring newsagents worker.
man 1 - dude, whats that on your face?
man 2 - i nibbled on a cheeky wee tollie earlier and forgot my napkin.
by smellyjewnose November 10, 2010
What an American might call a toonie (Canadian $2 coin) by accident.
When I come to Canada, I can use a tollie and buy a cup of coffee from Tim Hortons!
by rape gaze October 29, 2010
the result of a drunken night of shameless sex involving a soldering iron, anal eaze, hand-cuffs, a gerbil, ice cubes, and of course candles(to set the mood).
Last nite was great! i gave her the tollie treatment.
by Dir-t horacio July 13, 2006