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An onomatopoeia: The sound made by a dodgeball impacting against anything, esp. a dodgeball player.
TOINK! "You're out, four eyes!"
by Christoph Whitbeck November 10, 2005
A comic, onomatopoeic word suggesting 'winking' of one eye, possibly connoting a smart remark or a parallel meaning.
Hey girl... I think we need to "hang out" tonight, if you know what I mean. *toink
by ashwin_thegreat May 22, 2011
A random piece of hair that defies gravity despite all efforts to fix it. Usually appears somewhere along the forehead line.
I slept weird last night, and now this stupid toink won't go down!
by Vinny V December 07, 2010
the sound of eyes popping out of your head
Woman: *Sexy girl walks by*

by ScrabbleDiva January 02, 2011
When an individual or an object lands and hits someone. Thats when you say toink, to add your own sound effect :P
an apple falls off a tree and hits somebody's head.. (Toink)
by Bullseye93 August 25, 2010
a late 80s/early 90s inspired floppy, funky material-covered, ugly hair tie for women. usually worn with neon orange shirt w/ shoulder pads, white cowboy boots with faux leather fringe and tucked-in acid-washed jeans...while funneling (or beer bonging) red, white & blue or piels beer. in a word "hot". hair was usually arranged sticking out of the top of your head like a hair fountain for maximum sexiness.
has anyone seen my toink? i need to get ready for the kegger!
by wildwit July 29, 2010
means silly, stupid, idiot etc.
you're such a toink!
by felicity January 08, 2005

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