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TOIK was a "war cry" for Beith lads during the 80/90`s and possible earlier, during battles with rival towns in the West Coast of Scotland, where they would fight rivals from Kilburnie ( YKT - Young Kilburnie Team ), Dalry ( CX -China Cross ) and many other towns.
TOIK meant The Order Is Kill, but also when fighting Town rivals that started with the letter K, it meant Take Over In K...( town name )..
TOIK - The Order Is Kill
TOIK - Take Over In Kilburnie
TOIK - Take Over In Kilwinning, etc
by unkn0wn p3rs0n June 27, 2006
a spoiled person, more than that, someone who is so used to being accommodated that they believe the world revolves around them, what they want, and what they think.

also when someone like that comes into a room and sucks the life out of the room. the kind of person who can make a record stop at a party because they are so oblivious that they are the worst.
yo that b*tch is toik
by bonesjones April 17, 2006
male sexual discharge, seamen
I wipped it out and toiked all over her face.
by HEHHEHHEHEH August 14, 2008
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