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An acronym you type when you're TRYING to say "rofl" but misplace your fingers and type "togl."
Reeki: ...them damn brits gotta get shit twisted and make it different... togl!

Reeki: I meant rofl

Sigrid: lmao, togl!
by SPaige August 05, 2007
Typo of rofl


Team of guys laughing
sue the company, togl.
by Tim Christenson January 28, 2009
Tugging on groin laughing.
"Togl." Used the same way as rofl.
by Finnabro April 11, 2014
The result of an idiot (the person who wrote this) typing too fast and hitting 't' and 'g' instead of 'r' and 'f'. Much like 'pwned'. It can also stand for 'TIMID OMEGA GODFUL LAUGHTER'.
Person 1: I hate life!
Person 2: TOGL!!!!
by togl guy August 05, 2008
Totally on ground laughing.
"omgz liek togl!!!"
by razule April 19, 2006

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