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The act of lodging ones big toe into the females vaginal cavity.
Man i was at caseys house in the hot tub when, plop right in, toe fucked baby!
by hung low November 02, 2007
The act of penetration by one's vagina or anus by a toe.
As Tiffany half-heartedly resisted the urge to once again scratch her yeast infection, she recalled a lecture from her high school health class warning about the dangers of being toefucked by someone with athlete's foot.
by Paul and Anne November 14, 2005
The art of inserting ones toe into the passage of another (usually the anus) for sexual gratification or pleasure
Me and my pals were partying on down in Malia when a boy gave her a quick toefuck from behind. 'Sit on my toe' he yelled
by T03L0V3R August 05, 2013
To stroke a mans Genitals (or how ever the hell you'd spell it) with you toes, until he gets an eriction.
I was at Toys R Us when she gave me a toe fuck!!
by Conor June 18, 2006
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