male version of camel toe

when a man wears tight pants, usually jeans, it looks like there is a toe in his pants. usually down the either leg, but can also occasionally be found going sideways. straight down doesnt usually work due to the tightness of the pants pushing the toe to the left or right.
most often found on dirty old men who pull it
'gad damn jesus mary and joseph! look at the toe on that!'
by fluffy scrotum June 14, 2004
Top Definition
vagina (short for camel toe)
by Big Steve September 04, 2003
(v.) to sexually please a female with your toe... just the big one...
I've been fisted... now i wanna be toed!!!
by KatNat05 March 17, 2009
Little hands for your feet. Used by the human race when we were in the early stages of evolution, e.g. Apes
Guy: Duuddee, do you ever think, like do you ever think, wait for it, do you ever look at your feet realise that your toes are little hands for your feet?
Like what would we grab with them? Would we make food with them?

Girl: Give me the brownies Danny.
by marcussparkus September 07, 2014
Toronto Tamil gang, affiliated with the west side tamil gangs of toronto and also Kennedy and Lawerence gang of scarborough. T.O.E stands for Thugged out entertainment.
there is no example for T.o.e
by Jose santos April 11, 2005
Ugly, unattractive, gross, hideous, bad looking
"Amber is the cutest person ever and I'm a toe compared to her!"

"Everyone I know is gorgeous and I just look like a toe"

"I look like a big toe
I feel like a big toe
I am a big toe"

"I hate when people take pictures of me when I'm not paying attention bc I always look like a toe"

"I look like a homeless 100 year old woman's crusty old toe"
by Tthomastx May 20, 2015
Toe would be a nickname for those who who were in a relationship. The two people would probably be name Trina and Joe. They love each other extremely much but are very awkward together!
Did you hear? Toe put there arms around each other!!
by Zebra Blankie July 13, 2016
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