Sort of like a finger, but it's shorter and it lives in your shoe.
by blii February 19, 2003
something that is on you foot and moves.
Hey i just moved my toe!
by sarah March 20, 2005
male version of camel toe

when a man wears tight pants, usually jeans, it looks like there is a toe in his pants. usually down the either leg, but can also occasionally be found going sideways. straight down doesnt usually work due to the tightness of the pants pushing the toe to the left or right.
most often found on dirty old men who pull it
'gad damn jesus mary and joseph! look at the toe on that!'
by fluffy scrotum June 14, 2004
The shaft below your ankels on your feet consists of 5 on each foot thus having a total of ten Toes
Dude your toes are long
#toe #feet #men #female #five #ten
by Jackwebb May 25, 2008
a lanky guy. He goes for 12 year old girls and is generally a paedofile. Has no friends.
Toe fancies my 12 year old sister
#toe #craig #hamilton #lanky #paedofile
by Scottish Swimmer April 07, 2008
To get there, you have to drive through the toe.
by Cornholio August 21, 2003
that's what that thing is attached to my foot
his toe cheese was mighty powerful, fo shizzle my nizzle. TADOW
by assneck March 14, 2003
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