Unbleivably annoying creature that isn't much good for anything but to annoy people. They are also there for us to catch them early so they don't grow up to be preps.
I was about ready to slap the shit out of that toddler sitting in front of me.
by Rachael September 26, 2004
Toddler was used since rock age for their abilities to hand to hand combat.They measure less than 2 feets tall and can kick yo grandmother ass more easily than chuck norris can.They hit the gym all days of the week.
Hey yo, jeff was dead attacked by a gym toddler!
by Ze8mx December 01, 2012
An annoying little person that can't take care of itself and has no communication skills.
toddlers are dumb and stupid and gay and fat and gay and stupid...
by Richard Gear October 25, 2011
A person who is thru by nature. A person who used to work at Macy's.
Man dude you are a Toddler.
by Zodiacbayarea March 06, 2007
when you are having sex shout out todd for ultimate pleasure
when you are having sex shout out toddler for ultimate pleasure
by timmer39 April 30, 2008
the little guys whom asshole is the sweetest spot ever and tighter than hell
Yeah, Tom's toddler has a fine dumphole.
by jbt_954 June 17, 2008

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