Waking up in the morning with an erection. Refering to toast popping up from a toaster.
Ex 1. "Man, I'm toasted!"
Ex 2. "I woke up toasted today"
Ex 3. "Get off my toast, man!"
by WigsTheBunter January 27, 2009
messed up,busted,tore up
by bdballer September 30, 2003
when playin basketball and you shoot a shot right in somebodys face causin them to look bad on defense
you just got"TOASTED!"
by B.Ranga January 22, 2008
celebrating success of one's friends and colleagues.
Toasting a happy couple
by pookle July 25, 2004
To be otherwise fried, yammed, or beaten over the head with a textbook.
i.e.: The evil cat-lady teacher totally toasted Miranda when she had an energy drink induced seizure in class.
by YAMICUS November 07, 2007
to be hot, cool, sexy, cute, etc...
As paris hilton says thats hot,thats sexy, and currently thats juicy...Anne and Azra says thats toasted. Aighht now spread the word :)
1. Awee pookie your so toasted
2. Damn girl you toastie.
by Anne and Azra January 07, 2007
Another term/word for getting high.
"You niggas ready to get toasted."
by BryannaKJO January 20, 2015

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