The |33test & most badasstic, dick-swingin'est ninja ever to work your tired-ass granny over on a courtesy drive-by. w¾rd. The People's Frank Stallone™.
If I had a uterus, Toad would be it's proprietor.
by Komodo August 29, 2003
Top Definition
Person who likes one or more of the following - Hitler, dead babies, monkey rape, fat peoples gaping cunts and moving to England from America.
We all wub teh Toadwarrior!!!!!!!
by Him who will be bant May 31, 2003
Smart, funnay and hung like a elephant.
I wanna be ToadWarrior when I grow up.
by 14/F/Cali May 30, 2003
The coolest person ever.
That ToadWarrior was one bad ass mofo. I'd sleep with him!
by Frank Stallone May 30, 2003
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