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Large, often black, leather or pleather boots with large heels. They generally extend to or above the knee.

Fake hooker boots can be contructed via the use of black, heeled leather/pleather shoes and matching tube socks.
All of the girls at school wear hooker boots.
by Komodo December 19, 2003
The |33test & most badasstic, dick-swingin'est ninja ever to work your tired-ass granny over on a courtesy drive-by. w¾rd. The People's Frank Stallone™.
If I had a uterus, Toad would be it's proprietor.
by Komodo August 29, 2003
Noun. The state of being chaotic or unruly.
Obstreperousness is tantamount to chaoticism.
by Komodo June 17, 2004
Usage: Exclamatory/friendly insult. A simple mutation of Biznitch, BeOtch (or biatch as it were...) all jelled together fo form one big juicy word that you can slap someone around with.
"Whaddup beOzniAtch?!" - "OWNED beOzniAtch!!"
Fun to use when you're inebriated :up:
by Komodo May 31, 2003
The state of being a squigglema.
Man, your dog is very squigglemazooze.
by Komodo December 15, 2003
Dude. Man. (see also: manz)
Slightly spell-modified (and easier to type) version of 'dude'
by Komodo May 29, 2003
Exclamitory variant of 'Fuck'. Best served for moments of surprise / utter astonishment.
Note: To utilize the potency in delivering the word, the 'O' is capitalized instead of the 'F'.
"fOkk dewd!!"
"I don't fOkkin' b'leeve it man..."
by Komodo August 11, 2003
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