Ussually used to emphasise something and make the effects of it bigger, also it can be used to end any sentence.
Matt: What The Hell Are you doing you Idiot?

Rick: Shutup Your Gay 'To The Max!'

Matt: Well You Take It Up The Ass 'To The Max!'
by Matthew Hunter April 08, 2008
Top Definition
An expression to further define something done with great vigor.
Example 1) Man, that sucka's hella smokin' that pot to the MAX!

Example 2) We shouldn't bother them because they're getting it on to the MAX!!! Oh, by the way get my camcorder.
by K to the N to the UNG May 25, 2004
(N.) To do something to the extreme, with power and attitude.
Homer....To The Max! (Power that is...)
by G-Union November 12, 2003
Used as a suffix to a slang term, amplifies it to the upper limit (IE, grody versus "grody to the max"). Widely used in 80's slang (esp. grody to the max, from the Valley), possibly comes from pidgin.
That guy in the car is picking his nose! Grody to the max!
by Dennis October 10, 2003
(adj) In the most extreme fashion possible.

Sajai: Man that party was crazy to the MAX!

Sara: Indubidizzle my nizzle
by Sajai K. February 18, 2006
80's slang
that "roadhouse" movie rocked! to the max!
by trumpy13 July 16, 2003
The condensed version of to the max, usually used when you're speaking really fast or can't be bothered to use the space bar.
"I rock... TOTHEMAX!"
by Courtnez Sept January 17, 2004
doing something to the extreme and it usually pisses people off
see this comic explaining to the MAX
by skel'elm April 06, 2009

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