A b3tan way of saying toast
Q) Is it tiem for toats yet?
A) No. It is teh tiem for fluff!
by nowimboard April 17, 2008
Top Definition
"to a T" means right this way, exactly or precisely so.

it's not certain exactely what the T stands for but rather cautiously, I can belive T being the first letter of a word.
The most likely source, most expert say. can be tittle.
In my opinion can also be Total.
(Nicky Santoro): "I would carry things out to a T".
"I will quote this to a T."
"This is total BS! to a T!"
by mave73 March 01, 2008
-adverb Pronunciation: tohtz
entirely; completely. Origin:Totally
Q:"Do you like delicious cheeseburgers?"
by DevonK August 24, 2006
shortened form of the word "totally"
That party was toats awesome!
by Dan Brandt July 28, 2005
Slang for totally
That sounds toats amaze
by ChickBarb May 30, 2016
an inappropriate way of writing 'totally'.
Gabbie Richards is not allowed to say 'toats'.
by the unknown w@nker July 23, 2011
A word wannabe surfers use to look cool, when in reality they look fucking stupid.-_-
"Hey, man! Wanna go to the movies?"
"I toats would,brah. But I've gotta go catch some waves. Hang loose.
by kellen352 July 29, 2012
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