about, close to
You owe back taxes to the tune of $900,000.
by Scott November 02, 2003
Top Definition
1. Set to the musical composition of.

2. Used to mean "approximately", or "in the general range of", but usually only when talking about large sums of money.
1. When I heard Weird Al Yankovich's lyrics to the tune of "Beat It", I decided that maybe MTV really was a worthless tool of Satan.

2. Right: So then I had to pay something to the tune of $5,000 for a new one.

Wrong: So then I had to pay something to the tune of $0.05 for a new one.

Notice that the order of magnitude of the cash amount affects the usage of the phrase.
by Al December 02, 2003
An Idiom: To the sum or extent of.
"We're looking at jail time, Franky. Either that or a fine to the tune of $50,000."
by AA November 02, 2003
"around about" - approximately, roughly, in the region of. often applies to a monetary amount.
i heard an offer to the tune of 5 million dollars for this place.
by Smiff November 03, 2003
sounds like
The abc song is to the tune of twinkle twinkle little star
by Brittany November 03, 2003
estimate, close appraisal, rounded figure.
We are asking for donations to the tune of $1,000.
by Chad Deese November 03, 2003
in the range of
that computer will set you back to the tune of three thousand dollars
by Random832 November 01, 2003
To perform a physical act upon someone of something in time to a music tune
He dance around him to the tune of "stuck in the middle of you" before slicing the guy's ear off
by Jim November 01, 2003
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