Stands for "Tunay na Lalaki", a term for real men in Filipino.
"Ikaw ay isang TNL."

You are a real man (TNL).
by karlenohwhirl May 23, 2011
Top Definition
To Next Level

This is used in online rpgs. It represents the ammount of experience points your character must accumulate before you level up to the next level.
Galkarammehard>> Hey Gibbe, what's your tnl?
Gibbe>> my tnl is @3000
by PhillGuyThePillowSky January 04, 2005
This Nigga Loves
TNL cornflakes
by lja34 January 17, 2011
a tall and lanky loser whom everyone should dispise and trip them because they fall very easily. **they also burn easily**
that tnl dumped that single studd...luckly though she rebounded on pbnj
by Lafawnduh December 28, 2004
Try Not Laugh.
person 1: awh man, look at that fat person falling over.
person 2: TNL.
by evehdarlingpie. October 01, 2010
-probably about 6'2'' and weighs 18 pounds
-lives right off of underwood avenue
-known to make stupid and idiatic desicions
- has brain anurisms that lead to dumb things
-looks to be if they cannot control their ligaments
- highly flammable
- and never forget dat day burn easily
ze single studd does not need any single studd beaches
by lafawnduh December 30, 2004
a tall niave loser known for having minor brain anurisms and making stupid decisions afterwards. they are usually quite tall and lanky
tnl dumped the single studd and then fell down
by tina the fat lard December 29, 2004

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