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2 definitions by PhillGuyThePillowSky

To Next Level

This is used in online rpgs. It represents the ammount of experience points your character must accumulate before you level up to the next level.
Galkarammehard>> Hey Gibbe, what's your tnl?
Gibbe>> my tnl is @3000
by PhillGuyThePillowSky January 04, 2005
51 11
A handle commonly used in the video game: Final Fantasy XI. People who choose this handle tend to party with excellent White Mages, however they have poor taste in Bards and Tanks.
Dumbbard>> Is Millin going to be on tonight?
ExtremelySmartAndTalentedWhiteMage>> nah, i think he is busy with sports
by PhillGuyThePillowSky January 04, 2005
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