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abbreviation for "star trek: the next generation"
let's go watch tng
by et October 30, 2003
Take a Nigga's Girl. The time of the year when you can take a nigga's girl and not have to buy her holiday gifts. The only time TNG season is not live is December 21st-25th and February before Valentines Day. You let someone else buy her gifts and then swoop in and take a nigga's girl.
"You gotta watch your woman, TNG season is live again."
by TNG123 March 05, 2014
stands for "toronto network group" and is a small facebook group in which was infested by malicious trolls, the admins thought they could control the havoc caused but in the end were simply overpowered, many clones/sock puppets were created to gain mistrust within the kin, resulting in many broken relationships/friendships and the ultimate demise of the first 'tng" group taken down by trolls constantly reporting the content, a new "tng' group was built shortly after but that too was soon infested by trolls and now lays as a wasteland with just under 20 members.
troll #1 "Hey you wanna go fuck with TNG?"

troll #2 nah, theres nothing left there, lets go get whats left of IAFIS
by lurker3377 December 15, 2009
Team Nocturnal Gang. a team for those who don't sleep and stay up .
friend: Damn i woke up late today

other friend: you must of been TNG'in
by mongoose89 April 30, 2012
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