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T.M.O.I. is an acronym for "The Master Of Ignore" and is used via online chatting platforms to your contacts when he or she is ignoring you/has been ignoring you for an extended period of time.

If the ignoring gets out of hand, one can attach an 'r' after 't' and an 'f' after the 'o' to indicate that the ignorer is "The Real Master Of F#$%ing Ignore"

Coined by Kevin Kim of PLB and used frequently on Bryan Chang of PLB. Its use has now been spreading steadily.
Kevin (1:06:33 PM): hey bryan you wanna go eat lunch
Kevin (1:10:16 PM): ?
Kevin (1:16:47 PM): hello?
Kevin (1:23:21 PM): wtf tmoi
Bryan (1:46:42 PM): my bad i was playing ps3
Kevin (1:47:21 PM): you are still a fgt for ignoring me
#ignorer #ignore #shun #reject #bitch #freezeout
by 4.85 April 01, 2010
1 Word related to tmoi
Too Much Information about Moi
I just made that up with a typo, TMoI, too much info about moi.
#tmi #tmi variation #too much other information #all about me #what do you think about moi?
by jmacofearth April 14, 2011
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