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A mythical penis with a set of tits combined into the head of the dick.

First drawn by @poopisscunt used on his twitter.
Christina: I swear to god... he had a tittydick!

Jill: No way, that's a mythical cock!

Christina: I'm not lying! I pinched the nipples while I worked the shaft.
by poopisscunt April 20, 2011
a titty dick can be two things.
1.)a dick in the shape of a titty.most of the time it is always floppy,never can remind you of an old man pee pee.ewww.

2.)the other is vise versa.a tity shaped like a dick.self explanitory
omg, dude.he has a titty dick.

get your titty dick outta my PEASHvagggina
by tdoggbiotch November 06, 2007
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