Top Definition
to engage in acts of foolishness that may reflect negatively on ones sexuality.
i refuse to engage in such tittery
by karim October 21, 2004
Adj. Fooling around in the most immature and ridiculous of ways.

Prolonged sexual foreplay, often deemed annoying, with brazen disregard to intercourse.
1. You boys, down there! What is all this tittery?

2. We would have completed the project if it weren’t for this tittery!

3. I took him back home last night for some action, but, sadly, it was a long night of tittery.
by DeMarte & Dodge October 10, 2010
a place where tits reside forever. also known as a hall of fame for tits.
Pamela Anderson is the queen of the tittery.
by blargain123 July 26, 2010
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