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Whens somethings gone wrong/screwed up
Its gone tits up
meaning its gone wrong, its not working. something like that
by Arkz September 12, 2004
63 18
broken; dead in the water, floating
well that project really went tits up.
by anonymous July 26, 2003
411 69
A word used to describe something that has broken or someone who is dead
Damn, my graphics card just went tits up
by God September 29, 2003
217 114
description of a situation where everything has gone wrong, sometimes disasterously wrong
Those two teenagers were almost killd in that tits up car wreck.
by aaron January 01, 2004
160 96
broken, fucked up, shit the bed, passed out.
Charolette was pissed off because her dildo went tits up.
by anonymous November 21, 2002
153 102
Military slang for "Total Inability To Support Usual Performance".
Inoperational, regardless of the reason, on either a temporary or permanent basis.

My cell phone battery is almost titsup, and I left my charger at home.

His cell phone was titsup after his ex tossed it into the hot tub.
by reverb November 20, 2005
66 20
Total Unconsciousness. a term used in the military to describe the final stages of several medical conditions (heat exhaustion, heat stroke, chemical exposure, etc.) Also called tango uniform using the military radio phonetics. "Tits up" is the slang version.
You'll go tits up if you don't get injected with atropine within 10 minutes of exposure.
by goopup January 26, 2006
91 74