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Plural of Butterfly Kiss.
A Butterfly Kiss is administered thusly:
1. Get your eyelashes up against some else's bare skin, so close that when you blink, your eyelashes caress the other person's skin.
2. Open and close your eyes rapidly. Each time your eyelashes brush the other person's skin, it is one Butterfly Kiss.
1. I hate winter up north because it's too cold to give butterfly kisses unless you're inside.
2. If you will let me undress you I will give you Butterfly Kisses over every inch of your body.
#kiss #caress #titilate #tickle #stroke
by reverb November 09, 2005
Military slang for "Total Inability To Support Usual Performance".
Inoperational, regardless of the reason, on either a temporary or permanent basis.

My cell phone battery is almost titsup, and I left my charger at home.

His cell phone was titsup after his ex tossed it into the hot tub.
#inactive #unusable #useless #not working #not running #nonviable
by reverb November 20, 2005
Contraction of Fucking and Ridiculous.
Used as a modifier to describe something that is preposterously irrational.
See also rifuckulous.
Your assumptions are fridiculous and cannot be used as a basis for the generation of viable code.
#hare-brained #far-fetched #idiotic #half-baked #absurd #implausible #unsound #deranged
by reverb October 16, 2005
Wedding + Etiquette = Weddiquette
The practices and rules that define socially acceptable behaviors for events and circumstances related to a wedding.
-The weddiquette connvention called an "At Home" card (included with the announcement or invitation) gives the bride a mechanism to inform others that she is not changing her last name.
-If the wedding is cancelled after gifts have been received, weddiquette calls for the gifts to be returned to the givers.
#wedding #etiquette #bridezilla #bride #groom #civil union #civil union wedding #hitched #engagement #fiance
by reverb June 10, 2006
Contraction of Wild Animal and Livestock. Excludes cats and dogs. Includes all other animals that are fenced in or managed by humans.
Pigs, cows, horses, sheep, chickens and the like that are entered into competition in rodeos and stock shows. Zoo animals. Any large 4-legged creature that wags its tail.
by reverb June 19, 2005
Sometimes used in lieu of clusterfuck.
The checkout lanes at Wal-Mart are clusterchucked on the 15th and last day of every month.

The meeting was contentious and rowdy -- a real clusterchuck -- all we learned was that NO one has a clue what the current programs are doing to their data.

#snafu #fubar #clusterfuck #charliefoxtrot #groupthink #disaster
by reverb July 14, 2006
(pronounced: shi-'fow). Expletive.
A mixed-up contraction of: shit, fuck, and aaaaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrrrgggggg.
Something you say when you are frustrated. See clusterchuck.
cb: Shifau!
ib: What's wrong?
1.The file has been SORTED!!!
2.The new file STILL has the wrong data.
1. wtf? so now you have to re-map?
2. we're clusterchucked, then?
cb: 1 and 2. yep. lunch?
by reverb June 27, 2005
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