nag mula sa isang probinsya sa pilipinas, ang batangas, na ang ibig sabihin ay ABO NG SIGARILYO.

came from one of the provinces in the philippines, batangas, that means "cigarette's ash"
ano ba yan! nag kalat naman ang titis mo kung sansan. haha!

what the hell! you're titis are scattered everywhere. haha!!!!
by pinay June 13, 2004
filipino word for dick
patingin ng titi mo(can i see your dick)
by piloy September 03, 2003
(noun)Penis, dick or cock.
Ang tigas ng TITI ng tatay ni Tito Tirso.

Uncle Tirso's father has a hard DICK.
by The Nur November 20, 2003
penis or dick in tagalog (filipino)
taka titi
Joseph has a really small titi
by JackChris May 14, 2005
Aunt or Tia. Word used in Puerto Rico.
person 1:Have you met Titi Daly?

person 2: Who?
Person 1: My aunt Daly.
by educate yourself February 18, 2010
The state of being tired to the point that one can no longer pronounce the word "tired".
I'm so ti-ti, let's go to bed.
by Jarad & Angie July 16, 2008
(adj.) - Originally created by Raspo. It means that someone is very, very tired.
Raspo to ti ti, so Raspo sleepah.
by Raspo April 26, 2004
A Russian that is extremely high.
Look at that Ti Ti eat my oreos.
by K Mumble September 26, 2007

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