(noun)Penis, dick or cock.
Ang tigas ng TITI ng tatay ni Tito Tirso.

Uncle Tirso's father has a hard DICK.
by The Nur November 20, 2003
filipino word for dick
patingin ng titi mo(can i see your dick)
by piloy September 03, 2003
penis or dick in tagalog (filipino)
taka titi
Joseph has a really small titi
by JackChris May 14, 2005
Aunt or Tia. Word used in Puerto Rico.
person 1:Have you met Titi Daly?

person 2: Who?
Person 1: My aunt Daly.
by educate yourself February 18, 2010
The state of being tired to the point that one can no longer pronounce the word "tired".
I'm so ti-ti, let's go to bed.
by Jarad & Angie July 16, 2008
(adj.) - Originally created by Raspo. It means that someone is very, very tired.
Raspo to ti ti, so Raspo sleepah.
by Raspo April 26, 2004
A Russian that is extremely high.
Look at that Ti Ti eat my oreos.
by K Mumble September 26, 2007

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