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This Is The Credited Response.

Used on discussion boards (at least on xoxohth) when a respondent makes a statement that is either poignant, valid or otherwise hilarious. It is what someone writes after another person makes a well reasoned or an on-point observation in the course of a thread.
Origin: Likely reference to standardized test questions in which there are multiple wrong answer choices, but only one credited response.
Those who use this term are generally of high intelligence, but completely overly occupied with the nuances of the admissions process. Most need to get a life and stop wasting their youth posting on anonymous admissions related boards.
Jack: I want to go to Law School. I think I'd like to go to Boalt.

Mike: You might want to re-think this. Boalt is a festering TTT shithole in decline.

by Law Slacker July 13, 2005
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