1/4th (one fourth) of an once of marijuana.

--- 4 tires on a car, one of them is 1/4th
how much does he want for a tire?
by kilo kwali August 17, 2005
Top Definition
A term for your asshole because its black and round.
"Dude, this girl wants to lick my tire!"
#asshole #starfish #hole #blackhole #ass parachute
by ALEx nando January 14, 2010
slang for shoes; usually basketball shoes
i got some new tires
#shoes #tires #air forces #kicks #nikes
by blest December 05, 2006
n. Gut of a fat woman, usually making her shirt stretch out around the stomach area.
"OH FUCK! Do you see the tire on that chick! Her fat ass should not be wearing that!"
by JayRyder April 20, 2005
Someone who acts like an asshole all the time and that everything they do is really cool. More extreme then a tool.
Did you see that kids muggs, he's such a tire.
#tool #douchebag #asshole #asswipe #ass
by DoubleD13 April 08, 2009
A 420 in progress when taking out tires behind building
Hey hip can you help me take these "tires" out
#weed #trees #mary jane #budah #buds
by hippy412 March 21, 2008
The only citizen of Strong Badia.
Welcome to Strong Badia. Population: Tire
by dj gs68 July 28, 2003
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