Dearing this condition a crusty substance can form around the tip of your nipple, therefore adding a major growth to exert from you breast, and sofourth having a large point on the tip of your breast, another time this happens is when your booby morphs with your nipple hince the name Tippple, Also if squeezed hard enough can lactate emensly.
good for feeding cats around the neighborhood like c.j.
Cameron Cielzka has tipples and his mom (Elly) has some saggy ass, wrinkly, crusty boobys. she'll sleep with anybody,and thats why Phils never comin' back (Elly)

Phone Number is as the following: 1 - 386 - 649 - 5142

ask for cameron / free blow jobs from elly.
call anytime.
ass rape cameron anytime. open 24 hours, will have sex for food without ants, and that hasnt been washed recently.
by how'd u like to suck my BALLS? December 19, 2005
Top Definition
To drink (intoxicating liquor), especially repeatedly, and in small quantities.

There are plenty of people who drink just enough to be under the radar, but they do this to relieve stress and cope with emotional difficulties. They drink enough to get drunk over an elongated period of time.

A modern day McCourt might tipple.
Paris: I am such a mess. I need to drink some cognac or brandy.
Nicole: I thought you said you were done with the whole tipple situation?
Lindsay: Nah, I got her started again. It's not a bad thing.
Paris: Hott.
by g-diggity March 31, 2008
Titty nipples.
My tipples are rock hard in this cold weather.
by Morgan December 02, 2003
The tit fades into the nipple, its a tit-nipple. Tipple
Louis look at those tipples, they're disgusting
by Isaac Cooper April 16, 2011
to become off-balance, whithout actualy falling down.
weebles "tipple" but they don't fall down.
Torpedo Nipple
It's really cold in here, your tipples are showing thru your shirt.
by PappaZappa April 03, 2009
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