The act by 2 males homo or non-homo taking their penises and rubbing & touching the tips together
Me and my gay buddy did some tipping last night
by c massich June 15, 2008
Top Definition
taking just the tip of one's penis into the vaginal entrance and removing it, going no deeper than the bottom of the glans. . .commonly used as a compromise for sex and foreplay for a blowjob
She wouldn't let me fuck her, but she was ok with me tipping her before she blew me.
by Dr Gergenstake February 28, 2008
1. verb. The lean that "gangstas" do when they are riding in their automobile
Did you see that foo tipping in a '96 cutless, what a busta.
by B to the J July 21, 2005
The act of only being able to insert the tip of one's penis into the receiving partner during sex, as a result of having a large penis.
Man its so annoying how I have been tipping all the time, my dick is too big!
by BigErv September 13, 2014
The phrase "tipping" in many midwest cities means selling drugs from house often referred to as a tip.
With all that traffic, you would think they're tipping.
by midwestslang February 04, 2016
The act of going around to tables and a busy resturaunt and stealing tips before the waiters/waitresses get them.
Jason made $120 bucks tipping at that fancy resturaunt last night.
by tttuuuaaaa February 22, 2008
the act of briskly licking sperm off the tip of one's penis
She began tipping my penis after i masturbated and some sperm sticked on the tip of my penis.
by sneakygreeky8 November 30, 2010
Verb: The act of offering weed to be smoked.
After John packed us two bowls of weed his friends started tipping.
by UhhYeahhiGetcha July 09, 2010
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