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A really sad attempt at a handjob, where the girl actually only strokes the first inch or two (just the tip, hence "tipjob"). Often doesn't even result in ejaculation.
"I brought this girl back to my room, and all she did was make out with me for 2 hours and give me a tipjob."
by gotrocks? September 04, 2011
A type of hand job in which the girl just goes up and down along just the tip of one's dick.
Bro: I brought some freshmen girl back last night who apparently thought a hand job consisted of just going up and down the tip of my dick.

Dude: Sounds like you got your first tip job.

Bro: More like last.
by TheKimmer September 04, 2011
1. Playing just the tip.
2. Suppose you hire a prostitute and pay him and/or her for sexual services. Then you proceed to offer him and/or her a tip. In return you get a x-job of your choice.
Yo dawg, I just got that tip job last nat!" "Oh mang fo real dawg, thaz chill breh" "Yeh meng, I paid that batch, then i tipped her, then she played the tip a kay a tipjob " "DANG HOMIE!!!!!
by b4ngb4ngsk33tsk33t April 30, 2011
the act of tickling and sniffing a persons ass for the purpose of pleasure.
bend over drew so i can give you a tip job. ::tickle tickle::::sniff sniff::
by Anonymous June 10, 2002
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