An Australian bread company known well for its soft long lasting sliced bread.
"Mum can you get some milk and Tip top from the shop?"
#bread #wonder white #tiptop #tip-top #titop
by kingcrossy May 30, 2008
Top Definition
top excellent
everything is tip top
by June 03, 2003
excellent,perfect,extremely good
Even though our house is in tip-top condition, we're having problems selling it.
#superior #extraordinary #outstanding #marvellous #fabulous #wonderful
by Mehrdad.Hosseiny January 26, 2009
A beautiful, sexy, skimpy top worn by a female bartender to generate more tips.
The right tiptop, in just the right color, worn on the right bartender is a guaranteed money magnet.
#money magnet #bikini top #sex appeal #stripper clothes #clubwear top
by William Dean A. Garner March 20, 2011
The term started in England with the old expression " Top of the morning to you". The term then was said when noble men would "tip" the "top" of there top hat in the sign of their well being. Hence they are tipping there top to signal they are in top shape or things are at the top of the order.
man 1 : " How was the movie?"
man 2 : " Tip Top"
#origin #england #expression #top #hat
by Hdj February 19, 2008
best of the best, everythings good to go, "for sure"
Johnson,"I figured youd be hungry so i bought you a sandwich"

Johnson2,"TIp Top".

Bill, "yo im throwin a bash i got booze bud everythings ganan be tip top.
#tiptop #excelent #best of the #best #thorough
by Johnsonnnnnnnnnnnnnn February 19, 2009
I have got the tip top point.
by ali November 04, 2003
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