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another word for black person in spanish which is condesending. Other words used the same way moyo or mallate.
Pinche tinto no mas hablan y no hacen nada.
by 4biddenFantasy August 29, 2005
mayates... black people
ey dont b talking to them tintos ese...
by dis1hyna June 16, 2006
a common term used for "tinted windows".
bill: whoa man,check out that car!It looks so cool..
ben: yeah man,that's because of the tintos on it.Tintos are cool as ice!
by i_daz July 19, 2011
An ugly dog, usually spotted with mismatched eye sizes.

A naturally un-aesthetically pleasing dog.
Ew! That dog looks like a typical Tinto
Gross Tinto, Jeff, did you find it in a trashcan?
by SamLoman3incher November 28, 2011
To get into a trance and play video games in one hand and to master a musical instrument in the other. You're also on the ceiling.
Dude 1: Hey what did you last night?
Dude 2: Oh I was doing tinto.
Dude 1: What did you learn this time?
Dude 2: The flute and I beat level 5.
by aoawow5555 March 14, 2010
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