An elite group that currently consist of 3 girls who listen to music that sounds like video games. They also eat thick-cake. They dress like rainbow brite on crack and have diarrhea of the mouth and are rather obscene.
Holy shit I just saw a tinkle and IT WON'T STOP!!!
by _KR1571N November 21, 2005
Top Definition
to pee, usually gently and lightly
if you sprinkle while you tinkle please be neat and wipe the seat!
by taquisha June 23, 2006
what little kids say when they have to pee...
Mommy, can I go tinkle?
by a pseudonym June 15, 2004
To urinate. Often used by mothers when asking very young children if they need to use the toilet.
Sally took a tinkle.
by zantern June 22, 2005
A polite term used to describe one who has to let go of the preasure of the fluids in their blader.
Child: mommy i have to tinkle!
Mother: Okay dear just remember, if you sprinkle while you tinkle be a sweaty and wipe the seaty, ok hun
by anon June 26, 2004
The gayest word ever used to describe the act of taking a piss
Steve:Jason is in the potty making a tinkle
Larry:Dude get rid of the mangina and say piss
by mclovinyou86 August 08, 2008
What women and little girls do on the toilet. Basically when a girl/woman or child urinates, but usually refering to sitting down.
NEW Tinkle Kelly! She really tinkles when you give her water. Toilet and tiny cup included. Water not included.
by Barrosse May 06, 2006
To relieve ones self, to tinkle.
Ç • «<†•§ûb†omic Glu蕆>» says:
I need to do the tinkles
by Pai_fairy July 07, 2005

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