Eye boogie
When I woke up Natalie pulled a tinker out of the corner of my eye.
by Chicken Biscuited Everywhere January 24, 2009
(v.) To pinch another persons nipple randomly.
"Oh my God, Dan just tinkered me, and now my nipple is bruised!"
by storeroomkid October 07, 2008
a person who is able to ward of people with a horrible scent
Oi Roddy leave me alone, you're such a tinker
by boulder118 May 29, 2009
Young Girls/teenage girls who are under legal age but try and act older than they really are. (Tinker Refering to a baby Lobster that fisherman throw back in the ocean because they are not big enough to keep.)
Al:"Did you see that Tinker fleet walking down the road?"...
Kenny:"Yea there too young though u know the saying 12 will get you 20!."

Al: Thats an awesome looking woman Kenny:Too bad shes only a Tinker.
by DoUgH$ December 23, 2003
Penis; an mild, harmless slang term often said regarding prepubescent boys, but sometimes used concerning older males, too. Heard in communities somewhat inland of and along the upper Texas coast in the 1970's.
Keith is going to teach us how to play with our tinkers after school tomorrow!
by Phillip Alan March 19, 2007
turn signal on an automobile
Put your tinker on when merging in to the other lane.
by spolonder October 28, 2004
A homosexual male, or a fag,
Man, that dude is a freakin tinker!
by T-izzle March 10, 2005

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