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A slow company that manufactures Half-life. Renowned for its eventual quality, yet sluggish nature
Person1: Hey, is that game out yet??
Person2: No
Person1: Why!?
Person2: Valve
Person1: Oh. I see.
by 123 June 13, 2004
Pretty Hot And Gay. PHAG.
jon is a a huge phlaming phag.
by 123 September 05, 2004
siax is the name of a hereford based band there full name is ''Project Siax''
it is odly also the initials of a spanish lighting company
by 123 August 03, 2003
the defination of cool
Emma was sitting alone at school, and shouted, "MURUGESH" and everyone rushed to play with her.
by 123 February 15, 2004
Irish gypsies. often referred to as dirty by romani gypsies - the original gypsy ppl not just some person who has decided to live in a caravan. A romani gypsy will have a very distinctive look, usually olive sking long dark hair and wears excessive amounts of gold jewellery.
by 123 July 23, 2003
A fatt-ass bitch that has been put out the pasture
Charlene B Is A Beached Whale
by 123 January 13, 2005
One who completes the act of slutation with the addition of a butter or margerine product.
Hey slutbutter!
by 123 April 18, 2003
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