A ginger haired person who can get a tan.
Check her out... What? Who? Where? The tinger in the corner.
by Master Tinge October 16, 2012
Top Definition
When your toes are so long they resemble fingers.
Mandy's toes are so long they look like fingers. They're fucking tingers!
by Alyssapoopypants June 17, 2007
The Act of penatrating the Virgina with your toes. (preferably your Big Toe)
Nelson- Son, did you hear that Justin tingered some asian chick at the party ...

Mike- Kool-hwip

Traver- Meow
by Michael Che Guevara October 23, 2008
The sexual Act of a which a man or a woman Tounge-punches a Male asshole and Fingers his Pee Hole at the same time.
Bobby paid Tod and Shery to Tinger him inside the bowling ally bathroom. Bobby had to pay rent...
by Bz the great!! February 19, 2011
Someone who is partly ginger.
'I had an Irish girlfriend once.'
'Oh yeah, how was she?'
'Pretty good, but she was a tinger, so I wasn't sure how to deal with the awkwardness of her hair style.'
by reggae mother December 22, 2010
Tinger is another word for penis. Tinger is your dick.
Would you please stop showing your tinger?
by lalalalalai'mgod December 18, 2011
When somebody's hair is a shade of 'strawberry blonde', frequently after an attempt to bleach dark hair. It will be a light brown/dark blonde, with a tinge of gingerness thus making the owner of the hair, a 'tinger'.
Did you see ....'s hair? Now she's a tinger...epic fail!
by Betty-G April 01, 2010
Fingering a girl with your toe
When rich and justin were sitting on a hammic, a girl proceeded to sit on the oppistite side of justin. Justin slowly wondered his foot towards the girls "area"(help full is she has a skirt on). He inserted his big toe and turned to Rich and said yo im doin the tinger.
by Justin, Traver September 26, 2008

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