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Northern Alcoholic often found drinking Meths and/or 11% cider from brown paper bags before the hours of 9am.
This could be used by members of AA (Alcoholics Anonymous) to describe each other`s alcohol addiction incognito.
Eg:- When did you first find you was a hughesy?
I became a Hughesy after my wife died.
Money problems and depression turned me into a real bad Hughesy.
by A Concerned Parent June 24, 2003
a festering grandmothers anus..
-im sorry but you may need to see a dermatoligist about this hughesy.

-hughesy gets me off
by cois October 07, 2006
Often applied to a person with few discernably attractive features - thus rendering that person unattractive. Derived from the phrase "Who's he?" which people would use when approaching a person of unfanthomable descent.
Look at that ugly fucker, hughesy.

I've never seen someone look that rough before, hughesy?
by The Witty One June 26, 2003

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