When somebody's hair is a shade of 'strawberry blonde', frequently after an attempt to bleach dark hair. It will be a light brown/dark blonde, with a tinge of gingerness thus making the owner of the hair, a 'tinger'.
Did you see ....'s hair? Now she's a tinger...epic fail!
by Betty-G April 01, 2010
Toes that resemble the appearance of fingers. It's a toe finger.
Check out that man's tingers! He could hold a fork with his feet.
by Kat Karshner November 07, 2007
A ginger haired person who can get a tan.
Check her out... What? Who? Where? The tinger in the corner.
by Master Tinge October 16, 2012
Toes that resemble fingers and are disgustingly long and skinny.
"Dude, i just found out my girlfriend has Tingers on her feet. They make me want to hurl."
by baalleettbabe01 April 30, 2009
spit off balcony onto metal rail. makes a ting noise
to lay a tinger

mate that is a tinger nailed right there
by j s July 02, 2007
Compound of the words townie and minger, making an entirely new insult.
Have you seen her in all that nike gear? What a tinger.
by Spidertwit January 30, 2004
when u hve small thumbs cuz they look like they got cut off an replaced wit yo fingaz
u have small thumbs tose rnt thums those tingers
by cdoggbrota January 28, 2006
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