Crazy, Mad, Insane (temporarily). Best describing someone who has done something crazy or possibly personally damaging without knowing or without care.
Hey you ting tong man, what you do? Why you drink so much?
by mesohornymeluvulongtime August 01, 2008
Top Definition
Thai for stupid / idiot.
thai : i ting tong!.

english : you idiot!.
by Deexii September 20, 2010
It's a word to characterize someone who has such a silly or goofy manner or someone being retarded...
A : How's last night? did you..?
B : Well, I was totally crash and burn, but i was about to...
A : Dude, you're such a "ting-tong" pathetic loser....
by Ahmosher October 23, 2006
another name for Cow Penis. Most sought after food delicacy in parts of South Asia. It is a well known aphrodisiac.
Miz - Give me a Ting Tong
Butcher - Here you go. Have a nice meal.
Miz - Thank you
by BonziBudiya March 11, 2010
asian lady boy ie a chineese chick with a dick
ting tong pulled my trousers off the other day,

laura is a ting tong
by ricardoooo April 16, 2008
asian for "asian food"
Im hungry for some ting-tong. lets go to changs for lunch!
by butterball25 June 11, 2008
White man with dread-locks who thinks he's of Tai descent.
ras bambaclaat
by sid December 09, 2003
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