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pimle(s) located on a girls tits
that girl Jordan fucked last weekend had more timples than my 15 year old brother
by 1-800-Bovice October 01, 2007
Pimples on tits of a women. :P :P
Chitraxee: Dont u think she looks hot in that dress?

Sumeet: ya man, it was so low that i could see her TIMPLES!
by Chittyxee December 02, 2009
A person smart, never afraid to speak her own mind, encouraging to others, and has a sense of humor.
That woman down the hall is so Timple.
by sizz_l February 06, 2010
1) the object that one frzas
2) your temple and your nipple
1) yo, i'd sure like to frza his timples.
2) he sure has some damn fine timples.
by fakelightning July 23, 2004
Note: Temple + Nipple
LSPER: I'd frza the fuck out of her timples, if you know what I mean.
by JANETWEISS July 22, 2004
To scare someone badly
I timple people, which lead to their fright.
by Cairo January 06, 2005
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