Hebrew name meaning, honored by the gods.
"Did you know, Timothy, means honored by the gods?"
by THERElzTSANDMAN April 17, 2009
The best boyfriend a girl could ever ask for. He's super cute, very athletic, has the best abs ( a 6-pack) and is really smart. He is sometimes very nerdy but at times can be the biggest idiot you know. You can never stay mad at a Timothy, they are too loveable to be mad at for long periods of time. You can always count on a Timothy to be by your side whenever you're hurt, down or mad. A Timothy will do whatever he can to make you happy and when you are mad at him he'll do whatever it takes to find out what he did wrong and make it better. You can never help it, you seem to just fall in love with a Timothy without even knowing it.
Person 1: Timothy is such a nerd!!

Person 2: Don't you just love him though??

Person 1: Yeah, I love him with all my heart.
by Penelope Jones March 05, 2013
This man is the greatest man any girl could ever ask for. If you're with him, you will never be unhappy. He will do anything and everything just to make you happy. He will be faithful and loyal to you because if he says he loves you, he really means it. Tim is the best man in the entire world and I could not ask for anyone better. He will love you like his mother, respect you like his daughter, and care for you like his brother.

I love you

9-7-11 forever
by sdupont May 27, 2013
The most handsome man I've ever met with the most amazing smile I've ever seen. He has a great personality whether it's how funny he is or just how he's the most honest person I've ever met. He talks with the cutest little southern accent that just gives me puppies in my heart. He knows how to make me smile when it seems like I'm having the worst of days. He makes me feel safer than anybody has ever made me feel before. He's fun to hang around and can do some of the goofiest things I've ever seen that I just can't help to love. He cares more than most and will do anything for anybody that won't take advantage of it. He's gone through a lot, maybe even too much, but he continues on with his life and prospers. He's a future pbr world champion ;) He's the kinda man you hope to have in your life for a very long time, if not forever. The kinda guy you would love to have as your best friend, your boyfriend, or maybe even your future child's father. The kinda guy that I just absolutely adore and am proud to call mine.
Timothy is the cheese to my macaroni and I wouldn't have it any other way.
by kimrayez December 16, 2013
Timothy is the best and worst thing. Timothy can be loving, caring, whatever good traits you can think of. But, Timothy will also leave you hanging like clothes on a clothes line. Timothy will give you love and snatch it away. Timothy hurts people unintentionally. Timothy doesn't know the effect his words and actions have on others. But besides any flaws, Timothy is perfection.
When I heard the voice of Timothy I got chills down my spinal cord, and Timothy's touch put a spell on me.
by illwait4u May 01, 2015
A guy who is sweet and charming. timotys are often cocky and talk alot. He is good in bed but way better when intoxicated.
girl one: Yeah girl we so had sex last night.

girl two: omg!! How was it?

girl one: Timothy was drunk....so it was AWESOME! lol!

girl two: yea heard he was better in bed that way:)
by taste the spice November 20, 2011
A Person well liked and very cocky 💪dress different from the rest and got a Smile that will give your Gurl wett dreams💦💦but dick game poping like bacon grease ...
What out for Timothy he will fuck your girl up
by غوتشي مجاناً August 26, 2015
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