A small boy usually with ginger hair who is very weird and will at some point through his life believe he is a hobbit. He will, at one point his life, get his balls - which are 1/2 the size of average balls - felt by a black man. He will also remain a virgin until he's fifty. He will also randomly disconnect from xbox live.
P1- I'm a short ginger hobbit.
P2- No, you're a Timothy
by Average tinkerbell September 29, 2011
humorous Asian guitar player with a hat too big for his head. he enjoys all of the following: puppies and singing in falsetto, forcing drinking games on lightweights, bromances, calling people out on their excessive use of the emoticon language, white people, and explaining the use of lettuce as a garnish on the typical American diner plate. Bottled water is his cup of tea.
Are you winking at me while playing guitar, singing in falsetto and reaching for my water?
I'm pulling a timothy.
by donkey kong 37 November 18, 2010
a very, very fancy pornstar. using words such as precisely, of course, indeed etc.
I am such a timothy
by jack the ripper raped your mom January 18, 2009

He is a guy who uses the word , gay alot , He thinks he is all that , and thinks that he is cooler than most people . He is a faggot , But , he is loved by alot of people , he loves to play guitar , and is a vergin and shall stay a vergin for a long time from now , timothy has a big heart and he is respected , he doesnt take shit from nobody , He has very pretty eyes , and amazing hair , which is dirty blonde , he doesnt do drugs , and i wouldnt want too lose him or ever want him out of my life , just as much as alot of other people who feel the same about him . <3
timothy said , YOU ARE SO GAY . !
mikayla said , IM SORRY YOU FEEL THAT WAY . (:
by batman . April 19, 2011
A beautiful, amazing gorgeous girl who gets all dem boyz ;) eyyy
She just refuses to accept it, but she should totally go talk to that super hot guy in our class :) just sayiin' iite thats it.

Also amazing @ tetris. :)
Guy 1: Hey did she see that girl checking me out?
Guy 2: Yeah man... she's definately a Timothy ;)
by iBobbylee August 25, 2010
biggest loser and asshole in the world
I married a man that is a typical Timothy.
by yankee4 July 21, 2010
1. a boy who starts off as the guy of your dreams but then turns into a verbally abusive jerk who only cares about getting laid and only wants an arm candy.
P1: why did you break up with him?!

P2: he turned out to be a timothy
by Thatgirl94 April 03, 2010

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