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Timmur is a homosexual russian 8th grader who moves never leaves his computer unless its to stalk his russian chick or go to school. He makes sure that there is NO other contact with the outside world in any way shape or form. He is a graphics whore and has a unibrow. I AM 1337er than him!!!!!! He is a noob who sucks at any form of Counter Strike.
Timmur loves the cock.
by smm9127 May 04, 2005
A hairy russian kid in the 8th grade that has a unibrow, and has been stalking a hairy russina chick for 3 years. Spends more time on computer than he does walking. Hasn't had social activity with humans in person for 9 years. Sucks at life.
Timmur has a big unibrow.
by Norm April 13, 2005

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