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N. any badass low-ranking military who takes no shit from anyone, regardless of rank.
tillery popped the captain in the fucking face when he tried to sneak tillery a mexican avalanche.

Colonel: "tillery, you're on trash detail"
Tillery: "before or after I punt your cunt, sir?"
by Jeb February 06, 2005
5 3
short version of "artillery"
KG bringing the 'tillery to Arco tonite
by twolves February 07, 2005
7 0
A cool private, etc.. in the military willing to hook you up with grenades and guns.
Dude, Major Tillery smoked out with us the other night, and we blasted some AK-47 rounds into the Colonel's jeep!
by badmofo February 02, 2005
7 0
An establishment for the collection of a liquid by condensation and subsequent evaporation.
The opposite of distillation.
Anheuser-Busch hired an engineer so retarded he built a tillery.
by card February 07, 2005
6 0