1. The quintessential publicity whore who gained fame by exploiting the asian fetishes of douchebag bros who love midgets with fake tits.

2. A chigger poser who lied about being attacked by Shawn Merriman coincidentally at the same time her fame was fading and the 2009 NFL season opening was all over the news. She fabricated photos of bruises on her body that somehow got leaked to the internet....by her.

3. An old lady who is sadly still trying to appear to be "sexy" in an attempt to hold onto her pathetic fame.
"Dude did you see that pumpkin-faced midget that just went by? Her fake tits looked like grapefruits attached to a plywood board!"

"Yea, that was Tila Tequila."
by The Planet Earth September 12, 2009
Top Definition
the worst singer ever
tila tequila sonds like me singing on helium and has lyrics worse than all american rejects
by enoughshotstoshare September 26, 2006
So-called "internet celebrity" who's famous for having a very frequently visited MySpace profile, and has a face comparable to a pumpkin.
:O Halloween's coming up, better put Tila Tequila in my MySpace top 8!
by Another Helen C September 25, 2006
A talentless dumb midget with fake tits and a giant fucking head whose 15 minutes of MySpace fame expired in 2006. She'll be stripping in Vegas by '08...
Yo, MTV gave that orange dwarf with the fetal alcohol syndrome eyes her own show?


Tila Tequila, yo!

What the fuck?? Wait, wasn't that dumb hooker "famous" for about 12 seconds last year just for having a bunch of douche bags friends on MySpace?

Something like that bro...I guess MTV ran out of souless rich blond bitches to film.


by Jay D. October 11, 2007
Also see Tila Nguyen, because that's her real name.

She's 26. She's too old to be "the next superstar".

There's no denying Tila's courage is admirable and all, but where will she be in ten years? She can't just do "sex sells!" and MySpace forever. Also, she is too slow.

Plus her hip hop skills are out of par.
Yes, Tila Tequila's boobs are fake.
by Vivien Mourier April 14, 2007
1. act of having no talent

2. having no talent
Joe: I can't play this guitar!
Paul: Don't be a Tila Tequila, Suck it up and practice!
by James L.G. December 09, 2007
A horrible singer, who got famous for spamming the net with naked and half naked pics
I'll just go to Tila Tequila's page with my sound muted!
by Wilson1 February 16, 2008
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