An asian bisexual slut, who has tons of friends on myspace, that are obsessed with her too much. She is mostly famous for her Myspace page, or her show "A Shot at Love with Tila Tequila", where she shows the world how horny she is. She also sings, but she isnt famous for that at all because she really sucks at it, and all her songs are either about stripping or how she wants to fuck people.
Tila Tequila is the best slut in the world, but the worst singer.
by CookingDevice December 13, 2007
an ugly slutty whore who no one likes and is known for her fake body and sucky music on MTV.
I couldn't stand watching that slut Tila Tequila's show last night so i turned it off.
by braylin June 16, 2008
A disappointment to bisexuals everywhere when on her hit show, Shot at Love with Tila Tequila, she chose Bobbi over Dani.
Tila Tequila missed out on some good, firewoman vagina.
by Katlin January 03, 2008
Flat-faced hooker who got famous by having millions of Myspace friends,being a slut on national television,and putting out shitty music.Basically,she's a professional media whore.
Did you catch Tila Tequila's new show,"Re-Enforcing Negative Bisexual Stereotypes With Tila Tequila" ?
by SneezeDoodle July 13, 2008
A fugly annoying tryhard midget slut-faced prostitute whore who's amount of talent ranges somewhere in the negatives.
Tila Tequila deserves to have her eyeballs shat on.
by I love lamp. October 17, 2008
A girl who associates herself wiith black rappers and hiphop artists to try to become more well known and famous but has been seen dating only white men. Tila is sending out many misconceptions about asian women. Most high class, respectable asian women prefer asian men, white western american men, or european men. all of my girlfriends who are asian have never dated a black man, and they say its just natural knowledge in their culture. They also look down on people who sell a "slutty" image and see it as disgraceful. If you are asian or you have a close friend who is a classic asian woman, you already know this is true.
The 4 foot 11 girl, Tila Tequila, is a disgrace to all asian women.
by truthseeker00 March 28, 2008
is the defined super whore , she is the unholy christ of bisexuals everywere. who knew you could fuck your way on to mtv... I think she is a morfed nigger,spick,asian..
she is the defination of whoreisim
tila tequila is looking for a chick with a really big clit
by tim erwin April 28, 2008
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