Spanish female name, meaning spiky pineapple. Not very common.
"Oh TIki...!"
by SpanishNameHistorian001 September 09, 2008
a form of pcp which is used by smoking usually cheap marijuana (mids),which is dipped into embalming fluid, which then can be rolled into a blunt, cigar of choice a white owl......
My body was melting after we smoked that crazzzzzzzzy ass tiki last night.....
by SKEEMERKC June 28, 2009
The piece of hair sticking out from the back of a guys head.
Did you see Gary's new haircut, wow thats a big tiki.
by DRD June 17, 2006
The sexual position of 3 people (threesome!) ussully 2 men and 1 women. The men insert their thingys in her thingy and her butt thank and goodbye

A Threesome that appers to look like a tiki

the lady is very very very happy
the men are happy with women not with each other
by The kinky people June 06, 2006
The type of position movement mostly used in football where u cut to one side then u cut to the other side making the defender stumble and fall in a discombobulating form or position.
I John Daniells Tikied Tiki Barber.
by John Daniells October 20, 2004
The coolest phrase in the entire world!
by pretty in punk June 02, 2004
A male person afflicted with an unusually small penis.
That tiki can't get any chicks to sleep with him.
by Joe Blackburn March 30, 2006

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